The Mobile Market will Generate over $3 trillion by 2020

The Perfect Evolution to the Multi-Billion Dollar Advertising Industry


Etherum Powered

For transparency and reliability, Mulaah uses an Etherum powered block-chain, as its means of pushing smart contracts throughout the system.

Complete System

As a fully encompassing system, Mulaah will have a constant flow of individuals purchasing Mulaah Tokens as well as users spending them inside the system. 


By building custom currency converters and deploying advanced block chain solutions like the Lightning Network, Mulaah will lead the way in scalable block chain solutions. 

Real-Life Application

Instead of waiting years to see your coins put into action in the real market, the base Mulaah Technology is built and ready to deploy.


Mulaah Mobile Systems is a collection of Android Based Systems that pay users as they use their phone. Advertisers display ads throughout the systems and the revenue is shared with the user through Mulaah. Mulaah can then be spent in a variety of places inside of the Mulaah system.


The Mulaah Token is built on an Ethereum backed Block Chain that handles all conversions from Mulaah to all other currencies.

Revenue Share With Users From Advertisers

In the Mulaah Mobile System, over 60% of the revenue generated from Advertisement Partners is supplied in or converted to Mulaah for use inside the Mulaah System.  Users automatically generate Mulaah for each piece of sponsored content seen, allowing Mulaah to flow daily from users simply using their phone.

Users Spend Mulaah On Products and Services

To keep users engaged and enjoying their experience, the Mulaah Mobile System will come pre-installed with custom products and services that users can spend their Mulaah on through the Mulaah Rewards Program. This includes paying phone bills to service providers, upgrading or customizing the system themes, apps for music, videos and games, making online purchases and even getting subscriptions to apps and discount networks.

Partners Use Mulaah To Access Users

Developers and Designers will be able to join a Mulaah Customization Network that submits custom themes, widgets, and apps to Mulaah users for them to purchase. Musicians, Videographers and Content Creators will be able to submit new content and live performances for Mulaah users to purchase. There will also be an API that allows all mobile websites to easily allow Mulaah as a form of payment through the Mulaah Wallet inside the Mulaah Mobile System.




Service Provider

Service Provider





Lifeline US Gov Program

Token Formation

Mulaah ICO Token Allocation

  • Public Token Sale
  • Partner Reserve
  • Mulaah Team/ Family & Friends
  • Bounty (Rewarding Users For Catching Bad Ads)
  • Mulaah Users

Token Details

During the Mulaah ICO, the tokens will be distributed to the Mulaah team of employees, investors and advisors, family and friends, the public crypto community, and some will be reserved to help incentivize those who keep the Mulaah Software System safe and stable.

Cost of 1 Mulaah:                  0.001 ETH

Term of Token Sale:              75 Days
(ends at goal)

Ways to Pay for Mulaah:       Bitcoin, Etherum

Soft Cap:                                  5,000 ETH

Hard Cap:                                 20,400 ETH

ICO Tokens Available:            40,000,000

Due to potential risks from governing bodies inside of the United States, Mulaah has elected to only sell its utility coin only to those outside of the United States. Individuals in the United States must wait until the conclusion of the ICO and purchase Mulaah from one of the many exchanges that Mulaah will be listed in.


New Development Starts

March 16, 2015

Mulaaah Idea is Conceived and the Technology Begins Getting Developed

Partnerships with Advertisers Formed

November 1, 2016

Mulaah formed relationships with some of the largest advertising networks in the US with international ties.

Partnerships With Device Manufacturers Formed

January 4, 2017

Mulaah forms relationships with NUU and FIGO device manufacturers.

Mulaah Forms Partnerships With Service Providers

April 21, 2017

Having partners with multiple service providers, Mulaah users will be able to use their Mulaah to Pay their monthly phone service bill.

Mulaah Forms Relationships with Discount Networks

August 30, 2017

Mulaah forms relationships with discount networks that allow Mulaah Software System users to spend Mulaah to receive discounts at over 30,000 stores in America.

Mulaah BETA Is Available To Download

October 25, 2017

First Versions Of Mulaah BETA Are Available to Download

Mulaah Software System Goes Live

March 1, 2018

The Mulaah Software System will be available to download from the Google Play Store.

Mulaah Theming Network is Created

March 20, 2018

The Mulaah Software Systems Theming Network for designers and developers allows the creation of custom themes and apps to be sold to Mulaah Users.

Mulaah Mobile Systems Online Payment API

January 1, 2019

The Mulaah Mobile Systems Online API will allow all mobile websites the ability to allow payments using the Mulaah Wallet.

The Mulaah OS

June 16, 2019

The Mulaah Operating System.

The Mobile Utility Designed To Help Provide Mobile Technologies and Service to People From All Walks of Life


Mulaah has the right team packed with extensive experience in mobile technology with the mass distribution capability to allow Mulaah to reach the masses.
Vernell Woods

Vernell Woods

Chief Executive Officer

President’s Scholar Georgia Tech, Founder and CEO of Yopima, IBM, Raytheon

Dennis Campbell

Dennis Campbell

Platform Director

Georgia Tech, Highline, CTO Yopima

Tip T.I. Harris

Tip T.I. Harris

Celebrity Partner

Co-Founder Grand Hustle Entertainment, Grammy Winning Musician/Entertainer, +15 million engaged fans .

Scott Dunbar

Scott Dunbar

Systems Director

CTO Synchrologic, CTO Sports Crunch, Chief Architect of Nokia, Elevon, Georgia Tech

Eric Usher

Eric Usher

Marketing Director

CEO Prophytes, VP of Electric Republic

John Lanza

John Lanza


Foley & Lardner (Partner Specializing in Intellectual Property)

Louis White

Louis White

Business Development

Founder & CEO (Cellspan, US Connect)

Steve Chaddick

Steve Chaddick


Founding Member – Ciena, Georgia Tech Advisory Board, Investor

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